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Samahan mo ko?

Depends when and when.ü

Depends when and when? Must be really busy.ü

Libre mo?ü Hehe. You know naman my sched, I have OJT MWF and TTh I teach. So it all depends where and when.ü

I don’t know. I don’t know where to go.

Why? What’s up?

I just wanna get away from everything and everyone.

Why? What’s wrong?ü

I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe I just need a break.

Why do I feel that… I mean?

I just wanna get away and think.

So where and when do you wanna go nga?ü

Anywhere? As soon as possible. I’m exhausted. Torn. Confused. It doesn’t matter where. Help me, I don’t know these things.

Okay. Let me help you think of a place. Do you wanna go to a beach or somewhere that is not a beach pero relaxing?

I don’t wanna go alone…

Of course you won’t go alone. But where do you wanna go nga?ü

It doesn’t matter. Where do you wanna go? Let’s go somewhere that you won’t be inconvenienced.

There’s this place in Tagaytay where we take our students for field trips that’s good for spiritual learning and workshops. Plus, there’s a mudslide that you could get for only P100. I’ll only have to worry about a place to stay.ü Then there’s Nasugbo, it’s a beach town.

It doesn’t matter. Where do you think is more conducive to thinking?

Hehe.ü kaya lang, baka di mo mabet yung spiritual learning. Pwede naman magstay at di mag-attend ng workshops nila.

Hehe.ü maybe I need a spiritual learning. Or something.

Hahaha. They are buddhists.ü

The religion is irrelevant.ü Hahaha.

Okay, I’ll check.


I haven’t been to Nasugbo. It has beaches there. And that’s where Kris and Leah went last time.

Do you wanna go to Nasugbo? Eh di let’s go to Nasugbo. I told you it doesn’t matter where. I just need to get away and think.

If that’s the case, then you just stay in Laguna. Hehehe. Just kidding.

I can go to Laguna AND Nasugbo if need be.
Haha. Okay. I’ll go ask Marc if he knows of a place in Nasugbo coz that’s where they went surfing dati. Don’t worry di natin sya kasama.

Okay. Ask him.

I’ll ask around din about Tagaytay.

Okay, thanks. Sorry for all the trouble ha.

It’s okay.ü

*Originally posted January 6, 2006


Hehe, I’m here in LB now. I arrived 10PM last night. Later Kat and I will go somewhere, I don’t know where. She said it’s a surpirse. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. I’m determined to have fun while I’m here. More stories later. Gotta go. 😉


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