I might as well tell you, it broke my heart to read it. To bits. 

I suppose I must admit that I have seen it coming. In truth, a tiny part of me quite expected it. Well, bummer.

I don’t know why I even bother- writing this. I truly do not see the point. I am certainly not good in this business of being brokenhearted. I am reading Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving but I doubt if he would be helpful. In fact I am sometimes appalled at his assertions. For instance, he said, “love is an act of will.” If this is true, then why does one person choose to love one person over another? It begs the question to answer that one is more lovable. But what are the factors that make a person lovable, or more lovable than another? Are these factors enough to make one person love another? If so, then it follows that one only needs to inquire of what one’s object of interest requires and strive to be that kind of person and be successful. Hahahaha. In a make believe world perhaps.

Typical. Even in my brokenhearted state I refuse to be simplistic.

At this point I no longer care. I might as well tell you, I think I loved you.  To bits.

But I suppose we could still be friends. :’)