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5 Random Discoveries and Realizations:

5. Prior to his death, Lenin and Stalin had a falling out which flowed from a long series of preceding conflicts upon matters of principle and upon practical matters alike. To quote Lenin, “Stalin is too rude, and this fault, entirely supportable in relations among us Communists, becomes insupportable in the office of General Secretary. Therefore, I propose to the comrades  to find a way to remove Stalin from that position and appoint to it another man who in all respects differs from Stalin only in superiority – namely, more patient, more loyal, more polite and more attentive to comrades, less capricious, etc…” (Lenin, 1922) These words were not simply rhetorical but, as it were, a strictly practical proposal. Lenin was clearly aware of the activities of Stalin, his motives and calculations. He saw through him.

4. Me: (referring to the trailer of Bridges of Madison County) The book depressed the hell out of me. Damn, why couldn’t they just be together?
K: She was married, had kids. He was free, she had responsibilities. Would you leave your family for love?
Me: Yes?
K: If you were my mother I’d kill you.
Me: We don’t have to conform all the time. I mean, what about Anna Karenina?
K: It’s a Russian thing, Goldie.

3. Neurosis is often a rebellion of the unconscious psyche against forces which it perceives to be threatening to its specific individual nature. Therefore, neurosis is a normal reaction to abnormal situations. Which would entail, therefore, that a neurotic person is a normal person. Anto will be pleased. 😉

2. “Ganun talaga pag mahal mo ang isang tao, pinasasaya mo.” – June

1. Sadly, the likes of Florentino Ariza only exist in books.



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